Carol Stocker and Beth Neville along the garden path

On June 1st, Milton Garden Club in conjunction with the Neponset River Watershed Association, hosted a presentation at Fuller Village entitled: Revealing the Neponset River. The program was open to anyone interested in the history of this great River and what we can do to keep it clean for our children’s future. The Milton Garden Club won a prestigious award from the Garden Club of America for the video, it is part of the fourth grade curriculum in the elementary schools fourth grade classes. The program introduces students to the the Neponset River, including its history, geography, and wildlife and the role we all play as stewards of these natural resources.

Ian Cooke, Director of NepRWA  spoke after a narrated video featuring the history of the Neponset River. Ian updated us on the status of the River since the organization was founded 50 years ago and he outlined some of the remaining challenges facing us as we move forward.  Click on our Committee tab and go to the Conservation tab and you will find instructions on building a rain garden, a fantastic way to prevent water pollution. Rain gardens prevent polluted stormwater runoff from reaching local waterways.  Visit the rain garden at the Trailside Museum and did you know there is a rain garden at the Milton Library?  Check out the strip that bisects the parking lot!



June 19-25, 2017

Governor Baker has signed an official proclamation stating Massachusetts will be a Pollinator Partner! Log on to to find out what you can do to assist in sustaining the life of our precious pollinators!


Milton Garden Club Perennial Sale May 2017

Milton Garden Club Members would like to thank all our customers who purchased plants and our Organic Gold Compost.  All proceeds from our sale goes toward the civic projects in Milton, Grants to individual entities for projects that fit our Mission, and education in the elementary schools with our Neponset River Program given to the fourth grade classes every school year.


The Milton Garden Club, founded in 1924, has a long- standing tradition of promoting gardening, education and community service. The Club’s annual calendar is filled with lectures, hands-on experiences, flower shows, tending of community gardens, field trips and planning and implementing our fundraisers.
Members maintain the Lily Corner, the historic Powder House, the gardens in front of the Milton Public Library, the Horse Trough, town planters and we create decorations for the Robert Bennett Forbes House. In addition, the Club maintains an historic garden designed by Fletcher Steele for Katherine Spalding, a past president of the Milton Garden Club. We have documented 9 Milton gardens for the Archives of American Gardens at the Smithsonian. A major focus of the Club’s conservation agenda is the Neponset River. Once dotted with mills and other industrial sites, the river-after much remediation- is cleaner than it has been in two centuries.  The Neponset River Educational Program was designed by our Club to educate fourth graders about the history and importance of our River through conservation. The Club has awarded grants to entities in the town that are symbiotic with our mission. In 2013 we won a Partner’s for Plants Award from the GCA to restore the Native Plant Garden at the Trailside Museum. Annual fundraisers – a greens sale- perennial sale-compost sale sustain the Club’s programs and projects and contribute to a spirit of camaraderie. We have received awards from local organizations recognizing us for many years of service. We welcome all of you to come and visit, we would be happy to show you around.