Purpose of a Garden Club Archive

The materials provide insight into the history of the organization, its gardening methods, and its educational, charitable, civic, conservation, and preservation activities. Garden Club of America member clubs are involved in local beautification, conservation and environmental protection, historic preservation, and support for community projects and causes. Their archives show the changing issues and answers as well as member involvement.

Club related activities include horticultural projects, flower shows, flower arranging, garden tours and fundraising. Learning opportunities for members include field trips, lectures, programs, and special events.

The records show the relationship of the club to The Garden Club of America and other member clubs as well as to local and national organizations. Individual member contributions and club recognitions (national, intra-club, from The Garden Club of America and the community) are documented. The total archive is a valuable source of information about the 20th century and early 21st century social history of the area.