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Schools and Registrations
The Garden Club Federation Of Massachusetts offers a variety of courses. Environmental Studies Schools cover all aspects of environmental issues. Flower Show School is a complete program for growing, showing and judging horticulture and design. Gardening Study School presents basic garden information by specialists in the field. Landscape Design School is a comprehensive overview of landscape design and its history. All courses are accredited and taught by National Garden Club approved instructors.

Upon successful completion of two courses, you may become a provisional member of Landscape Design Critics Council, Gardening Study Council, or an Environmental Studies Council. After completing three courses of Flower Show School successfully, you become a Student Judge and a provisional member of Judges’ Council. After passing all of the prescribed courses in a subject area, you become a full member of these study groups. For dates and specific information on these schools please return to main menu and select.

Flower Show School 2016 Course III Brochure and Flower Show School 2016 REGISTRATION FORM Course III


2016 Gardening Study School Information and Registration

2015 Landscape Design School Brochure and Registration

Environmental School