2016-2017 MGC Hospitality


The Hospitality Committee enhances club fellowship and supports the work of the Program Committee by arranging refreshments and other meeting logistics.


Evening meeting: Savory and sweet light bites, coffee, tea, and seltzer

Daytime meeting: Light bites including fruit, pastries, coffee, tea and seltzer

Opening and Closing meetings: More robust menu with wine provided


Program Chair(s): Develops the meeting schedule, secures sites, and maintains open communication with Hospitality Chair.

Hospitality Chair(s): Responsible for management and coordination of the HC, secures sites, maintains open communication with Program Chair and Club Leaders. Recruits Event Captains and a number of Hostesses.

Event Captain: Oversees organization for a specific meeting including some Hostess recruitment. Event Captain serves as a Hostess for the meeting she manages.

Hostesses: Responsible for bringing MGC owned items to meetings (coffee urn and folding chairs, if needed) as well as providing floral, food, beverages, paper goods and utensils. Hostesses set up and clean up at the meeting. The number of members in this role varies by meeting type.

Hospitality Chair: Stephanie Truesdell ([email protected])

Hospitality Chair, Snowbird: Linda MacLean ([email protected])

Planning Timeline

Four Weeks before Meeting

-Event Captain contacts the HC (or venue/ member whose home is being used) to review that site’s needs, challenges and logistics including Hostess arrival time, seating counts and linen needs. Event Captain loops back to the Hospitality Chair to share plans or concerns.

-Event Captain confirms roles with Hostesses:

Bringing MGC owned items (chairs, coffee urn) to meetings and returning them

Providing floral, food, beverages, paper goods and utensils, set up and clean up

Two Weeks before Meeting

-Hostess responsible for bringing MGC owned items to meetings arranges for pick up

Folding Chairs: Shelley Gallagher, 1371 Canton Avenue, [email protected], 617 333 0900

Coffee Urn: Stephanie Truesdell, 52 Buckingham Rd, [email protected], 617 698 0637

One Week before Meeting

-Event Captain sends reminder to hostesses

Day Before (or as arranged with site)

-Hostess delivers MGC owned items to site

Day Of

-Hostesses arrive at appointed hour, set up, serve and clean up

Day After

-Hostess returns MGC owned items

-Event captain sends a note of thanks to the member who provided the venue

Recipe Ideas:


Date Working Title Ctte/Focus Time Location Vision Event Captain Event Captain Hostess Hostess Hostess Hostess Hostess Hostess Hostess
19-Sep Opening Meeting All 6:30 PM Light Dinner, 7:15 Meeting Ruth Culleton’s CONFIRMED Opening Meeting, robust menu, chairs & wine, no AV Linda MacLean Stephanie Truesdell Jan DeAngelis Leslie Will Denise Swenson Anne Millington Clean Up: Deb Kelley, Cathy Bly, Carol O’Brien Food Only:Lucinda Larson, Penney Ryan, Peggy Rusnock
11-Oct Larry Weaner Natural Landscape Design w Cnut Hill and Fox Hill Hort/Garden Design 9:30 AM Coffee, 10 Lecture Weld Hill Lecture Hall, Arnold Arboretum CONFIRMED Some needed, Carla to advise
1-Nov Teddy Roosevelt & National Parks Conservation 6-6:30 PM Recpt, 640-725 Teddy Performs, 730-820 Movie, Guests Welcome 1st Cong CONFIRMED –Need to secure mic. “Sweets to Satisfy” Dessert table — light bites, coffee, tea, seltzer Tucker Smith? Mary Keally Maria Karagianis Carol Stocker Donna Clarke Rachel Wohanka
17-Jan Milton Billion Backyard Bees Sebastian and Michell Urbano Conservation/Hort 6:00 PM Reception, 6:45 to 8:00 Program includes Q&A, Guests welcome St Michaels CONFIRMED Light bites — savory and sweet, coffee, tea, Sharon Hackett? Katy Burke Robin Putnam Anne Walters SaSa Panarese
7-Feb Emily Kelting Photography Photography 9:30 AM Coffee, 10 Lecture Home of Shelley Gallager Light bites — savory and sweet, coffee, tea, Becky Simonds Carla Morey Mary Riffe Hiss Maureen Peterson Georgia Lee
7-Mar Debra Kraft Floral Design: Woodlands Design Floral Design 5 PM – 9 PM St Michaels CONFIRMED Light fruit and pastries, coffee and tea Cat Malone Robin O’Neil Joan Faulkner Lana Agnew
4-Apr The Rose Man — Irwin Ehrenreich Hort 5 PM – 9 PM Thayer Nursery Barn CONFIRMED with Maggie Light bites — savory and sweet, coffee, tea, wine if venue permits ?? Ellen Celli Ingrid Beattie Rachel Hitt
16-May Ikebana Floral Design AM St Michaels 9 to noon Light fruit and pastries, coffee and tea Meg Katsuba Meredith Hall Anne Gatnik Elaine Hutchins
12-Jun Annual Meeting All 6:30 PM Light Dinner, 7:15 Meeting Home of Shelley Gallager Closing Meeting, need robust menu, chairs & wine, AV? Linda MacLean Stephanie Truesdell Judith Darrell-Kemp Beth Buckley Beth Neville Leslie Zimmer Tisa Hughes Anke Herbert Marianne Newhall, Mary McLaughlin